Discipleship is not a curriculum, it’s a relationship.

Discipleship was never meant to be a set of studies that do to become like Jesus. Too much ‘discipleship’material is cookie cutter curriculum. Look through the life of Jesus and try to piece together a curriculum. Look at Moses and Joshua or Barnabus and Paul. See if you can find a curriculum. Good luck with that.

Discipleship is a relationship.

Discipleship is a relationship between you and your spiritual dad. They are helping you live your life now. Hear that. It’s now. They help you work out your life in Christ, NOW. They help you work out your next step. Your next step. Hear that. It’s YOUR. You can’t program that. You build a curriculum around that. But you can build a relationship around that. Your life. Your life now.

Discipleship is a relationship.

Gillette put out a great ad (less than 3mins) for Father’s Day. It’s a great example of this. Here is the link.

They did a 39 sec followup with Philip Rivers on why the ad worked. Here is the link.

Discipleship is a relationship.

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