Launch and start reproducing a discipleship small group in 20 hours

smallgroupJesus was in a small group. Jesus grew an unlikely small group of people into an amazing team that turned the world upside down. While Jesus did conduct large meetings the small gathering were equally crucial. Perhaps you belong to a group right now. That’s a good thing and I want to encourage you to belong to a small group of people committed to your growth and development in Christ Jesus. But for the next few weeks I want to challenge you to launch a group that can reproduce; a small group where discipleship happens; a small group that goes beyond itself and raises up new leadership; a small group where people will feel connected, loved, cared for, and invested in.

The Great Commission, which is given to all Christians, calls us to make disciples. A small group is a great way to make disciples for 3 reasons. Firstly, you don’t have everything someone needs to grow in Christ. We all have our strengths and weakness which is why God puts us into community. You don’t and never will have all that it takes to see someone grow to maturity. Others will bring to the group things you cannot. Secondly, in a group you can raise new leaders on the job by getting them to practice. You can assist them and watch them as they lead. Each week they can practice facilitating the group more and more until they are more than competent to launch their own. Lastly, in a small group you have enough intimacy that you can get beyond the teaching and move toward the training for obedience. Jesus doesn’t want us to know what he taught, he wants us obey what he taught. Teaching Scriptural truth is easy. Helping someone apply needs a more hands on approach. In a small group individuals can work through where they are stuck in applying God’s truth to their lives. That’s a task almost impossible to do in a large crowd.

If you give me 20 hours over the next 6 weeks I’ll show you how to launch a group and how to multiply it. It’s a great thing to start a group and see people grow in Christ. It’s a an awesome thing to see someone launch out as a leader because of your ministry. Jesus was about passing the baton on to new a generation of leaders who in turn would pass the baton. In doing so Jesus’ message of hope and healing has been passed on from generation to generation and you can do this too.

I’m guessing you have a lot of fears right now about starting a group.”I don’t know enough.” “Who am I to start a group?” “I’m a new believer.” Maybe this isn’t the right time for you. Maybe it is. It’s a 20 hour experiment in what God may do through you. Ask God, right now, “Lord, Is this for me? Is now the time I should learn and launch a discipleship small group?”

Let me finish with saying why I love reproducing small groups. It grows bigger people. You launch a group and you must step up and grow as a facilitator. And then you want to reproduce. Now you must step up and train leaders. And then they launch and you become a discipleship grandparent. And then they train leaders and they too want to launch and they look to you again for assistance, and help and wisdom, and you need to grow to a whole new level again. Reproducing small groups builds bigger people in Jesus. Not bigger as in arrogant but bigger as in deeper, more generous, more Christ-like.

So, what did God say to you?

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